Vision and Mission

Founded in 1904, the College embraces the legacy of Saint Brigid and is committed to the core values and beliefs of Brigidine Education; thus faith, a love of learning, inclusiveness, compassion, wisdom and stewardship are integral to the College’s ethos.

School Logo

Our Motto

Our College crest carries the Brigidine motto “Fortiter et Suaviter” which is Latin for strength and kindliness. This motto encourages us to be strong in our principles, the basic beliefs by which we lead our life but kind in the way we interact with others as we live out those principles.

Our Vision

Kilbreda College is a Catholic faith community committed to the teachings of Jesus and to inspiring a passion for learning, justice and stewardship, acting in a spirit of strength and kindliness.

Our Mission

In living our vision, we will:

  • * Provide a welcoming, safe and inclusive environment, respecting the value and uniqueness of each person.
  • * Foster and promote the wellbeing of every individual so that they may flourish emotionally, spiritually, socially, physically and academically.
  • * Provide an innovative and contemporary learning environment that inspires a love of learning and the pursuit of excellence.
  • * Be responsible custodians of the earth and its resources.
  • * Engage and dialogue with others, advocate for the vulnerable and act with a spirit of justice for all.

Our Values

As a Kildare Education Ministries School in the Brigidine Tradition we commit ourselves to the core values of:

Compassion - Walking with and having empathy for all
Courage - Speaking and acting with integrity
Hope - Bringing a sense of purpose
Hospitality - Welcoming all
Justice - Making the needs of the vulnerable paramount
Wonder - Celebrating all that is good with joy and gratitude