Pastoral Care


Pastoral care permeates all facets of College life, with its structures, processes and programs focused on fostering the development of healthy relationships that nurture and challenge students to fulfil their potential.

At Kilbreda College, each staff member plays a significant role in pastoral care ensuring that students are able to experience success within the curriculum. Thus students’ learning needs and interests are identified and addressed and success and affirmation are provided through assessment and reporting practices.

The Homeroom is at the heart of the College’s formal pastoral care structure. Each student belongs to a Homeroom Group or, in the case of Years 11 and 12, a Mentor Group. These groups meet daily with their Homeroom Teacher or Mentor. This fosters student-teacher interaction in a small, personal environment where students are known and cared for. The relationship between the Homeroom Teacher/Mentor and the students is central to students’ sense of school connectedness and promotes engagement with their learning program.

Each level is overseen by a Year Level Co-ordinator who works in partnership with the Homeroom Teacher/Mentor and families to support student holistic development. Level assemblies and activities, personal development/reflection days and evening events form the basis of the pastoral care programs that operate at each year level.

Additional student support is available through the College’s curriculum support services and school counsellors, who liaise with specialist assistance beyond the school community when required.