Amy  -  Year 10

I enjoyed the Year 9 BRIDGES program, which included four main components:

The BRIDGES to Change component enabled us to learn and understand the way the world works. This program included writing resumes, applying for jobs and also prepared us for future interviews. Throughout this component, we learnt skills that will help in future employment and different pathways that we might be interested in.

The BRIDGES to Country component taught us the importance of farmers in Australia. This section enabled us to learn where our food comes from and the struggles of many farmers in Australia.

The BRIDGES to City component allowed us to go into the city and explore Melbourne. Every BRIDGES day, we traveled in groups and made our own way to the city where we went to many different places such as the Botanic Gardens, the Shrine of Remembrance and Parliament House, learning more about our city. This component helped build independance and time-management which is very useful.

The BRIDGES to Community component included learning more and contributing towards the community.

The BRIDGES program was a very rewarding program.

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