Gladys  -  Year 10

In my years at Kilbreda, I have had an incredible time taking up the many opportunities available to me.

My family migrated to Australia in 2009 in search of providing a better and more sustained future for my older brother and I. In 2009, 53% of the entire Zimbabwean population was struggling to survive. My parents made the courageous decision to relocate to Australia. The country that I am from didn’t obtain many opportunities for me, but since coming to Kilbreda I have been met with more than I could’ve imagined.

In Year 8, I was able to enhance my leadership skills as a Middle School Leader and in Year 9 I became one of the two Liturgy and Social Justice Leaders. As a leader at Kilbreda College, I was able to take part in planning various events, attend leadership seminars and be a voice for my peers within the leadership team. I was also able to work with spectacular staff that have our best interests’ at heart.

I have made amazing friendships at Kilbreda through leadership and sporting opportunities available. Transitioning through high school can be difficult, but the staff at Kilbreda make it so easy for all of us every year.

My favourite part about being a Kilbreda girl is how welcoming the community is and the way everyone is accepted for who they are. I have very much enjoyed being at Kilbreda and I am excited to finish the rest of my high school journey at a place filled with positivity.

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