Mali  -  Year 8

I came from a primary school with only one other person from the school coming to Kilbreda that I wasn’t close with. It was pretty daunting to say the least, coming to a new school, where I only knew one girl. However, as soon as I started school, it was like a big warm hug!

All of the girls from the older year levels are willing to help, as well as the teachers. I got lost a couple of times, but the way Kilbreda introduced and incorporated the different classrooms was so easy and smooth.

On orientation it was explained how everything would work and when and where to go everyday. When I started on the first day I felt like I had been going to Kilbreda for years. All of the teachers are so nice and nurturing.

I currently do Cello and Singing Lessons, which is during school time, however the lesson times change to prevent me missing the same class over and over again. As well as that I also am in the Kilbreda Dance Company. I love this as everyone gets involved and there is ability level teams, so everyone can develop. I’m also in Debating and the Choir, so as you can tell, Kilbreda has SO many opportunities.

The transition to secondary school was smoother than I had ever imagined.

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