Bridgette  -  Year 8

My start at Kilbreda in Year 7 was amazing. As soon as I stepped into the school I felt so welcome and I also felt that this would be the place where I would learn everything I needed to know.

In my first week I made new friends quickly and my friendship group continued to grow bigger and bigger as I met more girls. My homeroom teacher, Ms Chandra was so lovely and I got to know the girls in my homeroom really well. They were all so welcoming and friendly and I felt very honoured to have been voted in as one of the Class Captains in Term 1.

I was scared at first to meet my subject teachers. I had watched way too much High School Musical, but they were all so kind and helpful. I loved all my subjects and learning about so many new things. My favourite subjects were Japanese and Mathematics. I loved it when I received one of Ms Donoghue’s famous Japanese stickers.

Kilbreda offers many extension opportunities. I was excited to be offered extension work in Mathematics and the chance to participate in the Big Science Competition, Public Speaking Contest and trade shares in the ASX Stock Market Game.

At lunchtime there are so many things to do. I am in the Choir which is so much fun and everyone there is very friendly. I also do dance with the Kilbreda Dance Company which is run by students and they are all so nice and encouraging. I am in a recreational dance team called Emerald but there is also a competition team for those who like to compete. There are lots of sporting opportunities too such as Indoor Cricket, Athletics and Basketball.

I have my hands full at Kilbreda with fun, challenging and exciting new things. I am so excited for the next 5 years here!

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