Year 9 BRIDGES Program

Kilbreda Mentone Wellbeing

For our Year 9 students at Kilbreda College, we provide an innovative curriculum which acknowledges, celebrates and values the experiences of students as they establish individual identities within community. Our BRIDGES program allows all Year 9 students to participate and is essential in Building Resilience, Independence, Dependability, Generosity, Excellence and Self-esteem.

The BRIDGES Program, unique to Year 9 focuses on four thematic, interdisciplinary and inquiry-based units that the students study throughout the year. They are:

BRIDGES to Change
Students begin their BRIDGES learning journey by focussing on career education. They have many opportunities to explore varied career pathways and develop tools, including writing résumés and applications, to support them in gaining employment. This unit also provides students with an understanding of their rights in the workplace and introduces them to taxation.

This unit allows students to explore the City of Melbourne whilst participating in rich experiential learning opportunities that are linked to many of their core Year 9 subjects. This unit also fosters independence and confidence in our students as they learn to navigate around the CBD in small groups and use the public transport system.

BRIDGES to Community
Students deepen their understanding of the positive impact that they can have on the lives of others. They are given the opportunity to reflect on how they can be active contributors to their local communities throughout their lives. This learning is reinforced through two days of community service undertaken by the students during this unit.

BRIDGES to Country
This unit develops student understanding of where our food comes from, food security in Australia and the many challenges facing our farmers today. Students attend a three-day study tour in Regional Victoria where they visit working farms and have the opportunity to complete fieldwork and data collection tied to other core Year 9 subjects. On returning to school, students experience working in a large team on an applied learning project of their own design.