Transfer of Land Ritual


The Transfer of Land Ritual was held at Kilbreda College, Mentone on Tuesday 1 May. A large gathering of Brigidine Sisters, representatives of Kildare Ministries (Members Council, Trustees, Education Board and Mission and Ministry Team), Kilbreda College Stewardship Council and other invited guests, joined Kilbreda staff, students and family members on this momentous occasion.

A brief history of the 114 years of Kilbreda College, first known as Brigidine Convent, was read by Sr Anne Hill, Community Leader of the Victorian Brigidine Community.

The lamp of learning was carried to the front of the gathering by Sr Helen Toohey, the last Brigidine Principal, who then passed it to Virginia Ryan (1946-1971), who passed it to her daughter, Fiona Carter (class of 1990), who passed it to her daughter, Ellie (Year 9, 2018), who passed it to her sister, Claire (Year 7, 2019). Claire read, ‘This lamp will burn for future generations, passing on the spirit of Strength and Kindliness. We will treasure this gift.’

To signify the official handing forward of the governance of Kilbreda College to Kildare Ministries, Sr Anne Hill presented the commemorative plaque to Rosemary Copeland, who accepted it on behalf of the Trustees.

Following the reading of the Emmaus Story, each group – Kildare Ministries, Kilbreda Community and the Brigidine Sisters – committed to supporting the work and mission of Kilbreda College.

After the Hymn to St Brigid, a celebratory afternoon tea was enjoyed, with many happy reunions between the Brigidine Sisters and current and past pupils and co-workers.