Youth For Causes


For the last few years a number of our students have participated in the Youth For Causes program, a great example of the commitment of Kilbreda students to social justice! This year, we have a new group participating and we are excited to update you with more information about their business venture as it develops.

Past students (Emily, Olivia, Bronte, Bianca and Isabel) who participated in the program in 2016 (as seen on this VIDEO) reflect on their experiences in the Youth For Causes program.

The YMCA program involved starting up a social enterprise to support a charity of our choice. The charity we assisted was the Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project (BASP), which is a non for profit organisation helping asylum seekers and refugees. In particular, BASP provides hospitality, support, education, and advocacy, and helps the refugees network with likeminded people. All of this is done to help the refugees settle into their new country and to make them feel as safe and happy as possible.

We undertook training programs and workshops to aid us in the start-up of our social entrepreneurship, candle company ‘Flicker of Hope’ We then made homemade candles and sold them in the local area, including school, local businesses and markets. All profits generated from our candles went directly to BASP, where they were used to buy baby formula and nappies for refugee mothers.