Ethics Seminar Day - Past Pupils Share Their Stories


On Wednesday 21 March the first Year 11 Ethics Seminar Day for 2018 was held at the College, with the theme “the influences on ethical thinking”. An area of influence that was focused on was 'The media'. We were blessed to have two past pupils, Eliza Rugg and Jayde Vincent present to the students about their roles at Channel 9 as reporters and producers.

Eliza and Jayde shared information on their roles and part of their stories in how they got there. They each showed two stories that they had covered for Channel 9 news. With each story they gave the background to the story and some of the challenges that they faced in producing them.

Jayde and Eliza depicted behaviours of people involved in incidents and of onlookers and bystanders in relation to how they reacted to those behaviours. One very telling part of their presentation was the imperative that they both felt in regard to “staying true to themselves.” They revealed how they were constantly being confronted with the need to make decisions about what to include and what to leave out. They described this ability as a “gut feeling.” When pushed, they communicated the idea that the gut feeling was based on principles that they had learnt long ago from family, school and in life experience. Staying true to oneself was really important.

They were very engaging and contributed a great deal to the value of the day.