Education Perfect Languages Competition


The Education Perfect Languages Competition is the world’s largest online competition and is open to students from Australia, New Zealand, England, USA, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Canada, France and a number of other countries. Students use the Education Perfect program to complete online tests on their reading, listening and writing skills and gain points by learning and memorising words in the languages that they learn at school.

This year, there were 2026 schools competing in the seven-day competition. Due to the restrictions with COVID-19, there was not the usual buzz and excitement present in the corridors, the Language Room and the Library. However, this did not dampen the enthusiasm of many Languages students as this year we had 316 enter who combined were very busy earning thousands of points in their homes to gain awards in the Championships, as well as contribute towards the overall score for the College, all while improving their language skills!

Congratulations to all students who participated. Thanks to their incredible efforts, our College maintained our high performing reputation and finished in 14th place globally, improving our 2019 score by four places! It is an amazing result, especially when conditions are taken in to account with students working remotely without the usual competitive buzz they would experience at the College.

Our top five students this year, each of whom earned Elite Awards with scores over 10,000 points were (in ascending order): Alexandra Mackiewicz – Year 11, Georgina Heath and Alyssa Barrow – Year 10, Emily Smith - Year 8 and our highest scoring student this year was Sarah Bloomer - Year 9 with 18,008 points! What an amazing achievement! We were also delighted to achieve 1st place for Japanese and 2nd place for Italian against 231 other schools in Victoria!

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