Reimagining Learning at Kilbreda College


The first week of Kilbreda Connect, the College’s Remote Learning Model, has been very positively received by both students and parents and it is wonderful to see so many students engaging in remote learning with teachers who care about their wellbeing and academic progress.

In preparing for this period of ‘reimagined learning’ and after extensive research into the experience of other schools overseas who transitioned to remote learning earlier due to COVID-19, it was decided that an entirely new program needed to be created for our College.

Kilbreda Connect is based on a model of blended instruction using both synchronous and asynchronous learning. At times students will join their teachers and peers in real time via Microsoft Teams (synchronous learning). At other times, students will work independently using the learning resources prepared by their teachers (asynchronous learning).

In deciding on this model of teaching and learning, College Principal, Nicole Mangelsdorf said “research indicates that the nature of remote learning is best suited to asynchronous learning with short and regular bursts of synchronous learning facilitated by teachers. It is with this understanding that Kilbreda has designed a weekly timetable that provides for these learning and teaching methods. Our students can continue to connect with their teachers and their friends so that they retain a sense of community and belonging in what is potentially a period of isolation and uncertainty”

This Continuity of Community is created through daily contact with their teachers and peers, as well as engaging in wellbeing activities to recharge their mind, body and spirit. These ‘Wellbeing Wednesdays’, a popular addition to the Learning Model, will provide the girls with a chance to reflect, recharge and reconnect through activities such as Fitness/Physical Education classes, Religious Education classes and a curated Wellbeing Program. The College community has embraced this new way of learning, with many parents and students expressing their gratitude for the support they are receiving. Comments have included:

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for all the many hours of work you have done, and are still doing, to get the online learning up and running. This has been a stressful time for students and teachers and I very much appreciate all that you have done to make it easier for the girls. I am particularly comforted to see that you have taken the time to prioritise the students’ wellbeing.”

“Just a short note to thank and commend you on the remote learning offer Kilbreda has put together during the past few weeks - it is amazing and we are extremely grateful. Your off-site Teaching & Learning plan and the handbook explaining it are enormously reassuring. And the well-being Wednesdays are genius!”

Learning new technology and a new way of teaching isn’t easy and to do this in these unprecedented times is even more admirable. Kilbreda College staff and students have enthusiastically supported this adventure and embraced a new way of learning.

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