Scholars of Distinction Assembly


On 13 February, the College Community gathered for an assembly that celebrated the achievements of the 2019 Scholars of Distinction and inducted the 2020 Student Leadership team.

Our Student Host, one of our Living Justice Leaders, Jordan Smith confidently welcomed the large group of over 1100 people and the morning began with the procession of Year 7 students who were experiencing a College assembly for the first time. They proudly entered the Mary Dalton Hall before a procession of significant College symbols.

The Principal’s Address followed with College Principal, Ms Nicole Mangelsdorf talking about the guiding principles and College theme for 2020, Justice: Making the needs of the vulnerable paramount. ‘Social Justice’ and ‘Justice for all living things’ were also addressed as well as the need to commit ourselves as a College community to continually strive for justice and to think about the world we want to leave those who come after us. “I encourage each of you to think about the type of world you want to leave for your children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren etc., both in terms of how people are treated and in terms of the environment and then to commit yourself to acting in such a way that fosters this”.

Our outstanding group of Scholars of Distinction who achieved study scores of over 40 and those who achieved an ATAR score over 90 including Dux Proxime, Lucy Standfield and Dux, Despina Nianiakos were then recognised for all of their hard work. Despina Nianiakos who achieved an outstanding ATAR of 98 delivered an incredibly moving address. Throughout her time at the College, Despina worked tirelessly with the support of all of her teachers. Her moving words and sentiments focused around her life struggles and how she overcame adversity with self-belief and by working hard. She shared with the group, a quote that will resonate with many students. ”Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard”. She went on to add, “Without hard work, determination and resilience, results will not be forthcoming, no matter how ‘smart’ someone is”. She truly is a wonderful role model who we are all incredibly proud of and will inspire many Kilbreda girls in the years to come.

There were many other stand out moments on the morning including inspiring speeches from members of College Leadership Team and from our 2020 College Co-Captains, Keely Ortland and Kate Lowe. It will certainly be an occasion to remember!

We again congratulate our Class of 2019 and wish our new leaders and Class of 2020 great success for the year ahead.

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