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At Kilbreda College, we are very proud of our welcoming community and we are committed to ensuring that each girl is known, is respected and feels valued in this community. It is always wonderful to hear feedback from our community on the commitment of the staff to our students' growth and wellbeing, and the following comments reflect that appreciation:

"Thank you so much for the care and consideration you took when designing and planning the program. It really does have a great balance for our girls. We are very grateful to the teachers and support staff for all their hard work and dedication to our daughter. We know how much work it has been behind the scenes and appreciate it immensely."

"I can only say thank you. What a wonderful model you have introduced and from day one, there has not been one issue. My daughter is working hard and wanting to work hard, she is happy, engaged and enjoying the teacher support and contact. I am so impressed and blessed that my daughter goes to Kilbreda!"

“This time has been very challenging as a parent I'm so proud at how well Kilbreda has organised the online learning for the students. The AM face-to-face learning is imperative at keeping them on track and connected to the school with the PM timetable also working well for them to complete tasks and homework. I have been singing Kilbreda's praises.”

“To all the staff at Kilbreda, just a brief note to thank you for your efforts in implementing remote learning this term. Working in a school myself, I know what a huge undertaking this has been. You have provided a clear and comprehensive plan for parents and clear communication to students. You have all risen above the challenges of this time. I appreciate your efforts and commitment to help our girls continue both their learning and their activities. The support you continue to offer to students and parents alike is also greatly valued. Stay safe and well.”

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"We are so grateful to everyone who is working so hard to make online learning so successful. My daughter, Bridgette is absolutely loving her lessons. We love that every teacher has made the effort to have face-to-face time with the girls. It is a true credit to the staff and leadership at Kilbreda College. It is great to see Kilbreda’s name "up in lights" and to be recognised in this way too!" - Sharon A

“A rich history and exciting future. My girls are so blessed to be part of this amazing community.” - Kim DS

"You are helping our girls to develop kindness and compassion.... thank you Kilbreda!" - Simone S

"This model is the best I have seen across 3 schools, well done Kilbreda staff on getting it so right and keeping the girls engaged. Thank you." - Dianne K

"So proud to teach at Kilbreda. This is an outstanding program designed for the success or our students and the well-being of all the College community." - Catherine A

"Thanks to you all for working so hard to ensure our girls can get on with their learning. With my last one going through Year 12 this year we are extra grateful that she can continue her studies remotely. As a Kilbreda girl myself I’m very proud of our school and community for getting on with the job at hand and making the most of things during this tough time." - Jen G

"The girls should feel honoured to be led by such an amazing principal. Couldn’t be prouder or happier to have my daughter attend Kilbreda and know that they have each and every girl's best interest at heart." - Ros H

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“I had an amazing experience here at Kilbreda College as a student (2016). I was offered the chance to study further in so many different fields - Performing Arts, Languages, Science and Social Justice via cocurricular programs. The school has a passion for social justice which changed my perspective on life forever. The community is encouraging and warm and the school was my second home. I loved all of my peers and teachers here!” - Amanda H