Why Choose Kilbreda College?

Experts in girls’ education

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With over one hundred years’ experience in girls’ education, Kilbreda College is a faith based learning community in which young women can thrive. We are committed to providing a contemporary, comprehensive, and innovative learning environment that empowers young women to be well informed, independent and critical thinkers who are confident to embrace an ever changing world. The College’s holistic education encourages excellence, participation and belonging, as well as placing a strong emphasis on promoting interpersonal and relationship skills. The curriculum is differentiated to ensure that students can experience success and feel valued. In this context, students are encouraged to pursue the academic and personal excellence of which they are capable. All students are encouraged to become independent lifelong learners.

At Kilbreda College we recognise that staff and student wellbeing is essential to maximising learning. We are a community of collaborative learners where teachers and students work together to ensure that all students are engaged in meaningful learning and where relationships are supportive and respectful. Our approach to building and maintaining relationships is underpinned by a restorative framework; which has at its core an understanding that in respecting ourselves we learn to respect others. This understanding encourages all members of our community to take responsibility for their actions.

Kilbreda Colleges provides a rich and diverse co-curricular and immersion program both locally and internationally extending the learning opportunities available.

Students are surrounded by strong female role models, in both their peers and former collegians, who encourage them to strive to achieve through effort and persistence and to pursue their interests in any given field.

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