Open Mornings


An important aspect of considering a quality education for your daughter is seeing the prospective school in action, getting a feel for the environment and being able to witness first hand some of the facilities and programs on offer.

To do this, we encourage you to attend our Open Mornings where we have student-led College tours; the opportunity to meet our Co‑Principals, various staff members and students and the chance to experience our dynamic learning environment.

Bookings are essential! Submit your booking online via the booking form or contact the College Registrar, Melissa Dwyer on (03) 9581 7766 or via
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Open Morning Calendar


Term 1 Open Morning Dates
Thursday, 15 February  9.00am
Tuesday, 6 March  9.00am
Monday, 26 March  9.00am

Term 2 Open Morning Dates
Friday, 27 April  9.00am
Tuesday, 22 May  9.00am
Wednesday, 20 June  4:00pm-7:00pm

Term 3 Open Morning Dates
Wednesday, 18 July  9.00am
Tuesday, 7 August  9.00am
Thursday, 13 September  9.00am

Term 4 Open Morning Dates
Saturday, 20 October  10.00am
Thursday, 22 November  9.00am