Open Mornings Button  -  2017 College Co-Captain

I began my Kilbreda journey 6 years ago as an extremely excited Year 7, eager to start my secondary school journey and to soak up all the new opportunities it had to offer. Looking back as a Year 12 student, I am so grateful for all the unique experiences Kilbreda has given me such as the various leadership roles including class captain in Years 7, 8, 10 and 11, Middle School Captain in Year 9 and the honour of representing my peers and esteemed college as College Co-Captain in my final year of secondary education.

Alongside these roles, Kilbreda has also given me the opportunity to gain skills in communication and enhance interpersonal skills in my position as peer support leader in Year 10, by which I was given the responsibility of providing guidance and offering encouragement to Year 7 students throughout their initial year of high school.

Through the amazing language programme at Kilbreda, I have been able to excel competitively through the Italian poetry recitation competition run by the Dante Alighieri Society. Exposure to a state wide completion of this calibre has allowed me to gain a further knowledge and deep rooted admiration for the Italian language, by which I placed in the finals of the poetry recitation competition in Years 9 and 10, and took home a coveted third prize in Year 11. It was the encouragement and coaching from my Italian teachers that allowed me to unlock a great potential for languages and public speaking.

Other key events that I will take away far beyond my years at school would definitely include the social justice excursions, primarily the Urban Seed Camp in Year 11, which personally was a turning point for not just me but many of my fellow classmates. We were taken behind the façade of Melbourne’s glamorous CBD and presented the very real and harsh reality of Melbourne’s homeless population. It is experiences such as these that have contributed to my awareness of the world and mindfulness of the issues that face our society.

Upon my departure from Kilbreda, I will leave with not only a quality education and love of learning, but also with a strong moral compass and the knowledge that the only distance between myself and my greatest aspirations in life is the courage to peruse them.

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