Sarah  -  Year 10

Kilbreda has offered me many opportunities as a Year 10 student, which have enabled me to explore interests and enjoy the school experience as more than just a purely academic one.

As part of the Year 10 program, we all had a week of work experience and a camp and career workshop week. Camp was particularly unique and unlike previous camps, as we stayed in the city and went on various activities including rock climbing, morning tea at the Langham hotel, cruise on the Yarra and several others. In addition, we all took the Morrisby test which gave us insight into the types of career options most suited to our personality and skills, which assisted in choosing our work experience and subjects for Year 11. Work experience was very valuable as we were encouraged to find one that interested us and offered insight into possible career options. I chose to undertake a second week of work experience which our careers coordinator was very helpful in facilitating.

Besides the compulsory Year 10 program, there were several extra curricular activities, including Justice and Democracy group, the Dante Alighieri Poetry recitation competition, adolescent asthma action peer leader and UNSW global maths competition. A unique volunteer opportunity for Year 10s is assisting disabled children swim. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience because I could see how we were making a difference in the lives of the children and the joy we shared through the activity. Various leadership opportunities have been offered including Peer Support where I talk to and help Year 7 students with any issues. Also, I have been part of activities involving teamwork, including hosting a local radio program and debating, which are valuable skills I will use in the future.

The school also allows us to capture our more creative side. Playing clarinet, I am part of the senior band. Despite early morning weekly rehearsals, I enjoy playing a wide variety of music including jazz, which we performed at the Mt Gambier Jazz Festival. I was also encouraged to improve soloist skills through completing an AMEB exam. Performing arts allows us to be part of school productions each year and develop with those we work with. It is a fun and very rewarding experience especially once we reach the final performances.

These amazing opportunities have allowed me to extend myself and develop skills while forming friendships. We receive encouragement to strive for our best academically and receive invaluable support that allows us stay motivated and reach our full potentials in all aspects of school life.

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