Suzanne Grima  -  Teacher

Kilbreda is a school rich in heritage and tradition as well as an exciting and innovative centre for learning. Central to this are the strong relationships between the teachers and the students that foster trust, guidance and encouragement. We aim to nurture happy, globally connected students who model strength and kindliness.

Personally, Kilbreda is a place where I can share my passion for Science, cultivating and extending students in Science beyond the classroom by offering a wide range of experiences. These opportunities are diverse, including traditional programmes such as Education Perfect Science Competition, linking Science to the community with Foreshore Restoration in Year 8 and Melbourne Water Kids Teaching Kids Conference in Year 10 and finally popular, practical hands-on programmes such as Camembert in the Classroom, where students work together to explore a variety of skills.

Our students are encouraged to challenge themselves and we provide an environment where students strive to achieve their best, extending their journey of learning and having a go at all that is offered.

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