Peter Blackshaw  -  Teacher

Mathematics is one of the key components in the preparation of young people for a future in our rapidly changing world. They need to be numerate, able to solve problems and capable of applying logical thinking; cornerstone skills of mathematics. For young women in particular, the development of these capacities and skills is essential if they are to tackle their future on an equal footing.

At Kilbreda we recognise both the importance of mathematics as well as the need to make the learning of it fun, interesting and engaging. Our teaching is informed by the latest research, in particular that which relates to the ways that girls learn mathematics. Pre-testing is used extensively to identify the strengths and weaknesses of our students and course materials are differentiated accordingly. Technology is integrated into our courses with games, interactive programs and online learning tools being used alongside traditional methods. A variety of assessment methods are used to provide opportunity for all.

Additional support and challenge is offered both in and out of class. The enhancement program has been very successful in recent years. This includes activities such as the Kilbreda Maths Challenge, Factor x e-Maths program, mathematics competitions and game days, with the best performing students being given the title of Kilbreda Maths Champion. It is great to see the number of girls willing to take on the challenge offered by these activities and for them to be recognised for their success in these academic endeavours.

The future looks bright with large numbers applying for the advanced maths program in Year 10 and a significant proportion of Year 11 and 12 students choosing to continue their mathematics education in their VCE. It is an exciting time to be teaching mathematics at Kilbreda.

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