Meg  -  Year 7

On my first day at Kilbreda I was excited, but especially nervous, since only I and two other girls were from my old primary school. We all go through the stage of nervousness which is understandable since you’re coming into an environment of older girls and new and unknown people, but Kilbreda being the caring school, helped me and others going through the same thing. I felt welcomed and comfortable and especially part of the community. I met heaps of people and some of them have turned into best friends. Kilbreda provides so many great opportunities; developing and building up my knowledge and most importantly- building relationships.

Everything was a novelty to me during first few days here at Kilbreda. I remember getting used to walking to different classes and having to lug around everything we needed for class. I had worried about getting lost or walking around with all my books but you definitely get used to it and soon it just becomes an everyday thing.

Year 7 was a very exciting year consisting of excellent excursions and incursions, sports days and carnivals, casual dress days, raising money for different charities and much more. Here are some of my highlights in year 7:

We had a whole school swimming carnival which was held in term 2. Each house had to dress up in the form of their house colour and compete in different swimming races, earning points for your house depending on where you placed. You also had the option of fun and games in the shallow pool for those who didn’t want to compete in formal races. It was really good fun and a great experience.

House athletics was by far one of my favourite activities in year 7. Every year 7 had to wear something in their house colour. I participated in different activities such as sprints, long distance runs, shot put long jump and much more. It was a fantastic day!

Every year 7 is allocated a big sister in year 10. This was a great opportunity for me to, once again, meet new people. I felt like I had someone who was always there for me and someone I could go and talk to when needed. We did lots of great activities with our big sisters like the Big Sister Little Sister Diner and our annual morning tea. My first year at Kilbreda has been a wonderful one of growing in every way- academically, socially and personally. I can’t wait to see what 2016 holds in store for us!

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