Kilbreda College a Kildare Education Ministries School in the Brigidine Tradition

ANZAC Commemorative Assembly  -  2015

Kilbreda College, Mentone

On 24 April, Dr Clare Rhoden, a past student, spoke to the Kilbreda Community during our ANZAC Commemorative Assembly. Dr Rhoden, author of ‘The Purpose of Futility’, reflected upon the ANZAC Legend.

The Honourable Mark Dreyfus QC Member of the House of Representatives and the Honourable Murray Thompson MLA placed ceramic poppies made by the students to honour the untold men, women and children who have been victims of war, genocide and conflict over the past 100 years.

Mr Geoff Gledhill, the Mayor of Kingston, attended as did Fr Peter Matheson, Kilbreda’s Chaplain. Fr Peter was joined by Sr Margaret Pelly csb in placing a poppies in honour of those who supported the ANZAC troops including medics, stretcher bearers and Chaplains.

During the Assembly, we reflected on the Peace Keeping missions in which Australian Serviceman and women have been involved.

Leading up to the Assembly, students identified members of their families who had served in the armed forces and medical corps. Three honour boards with their names were displayed as a sign of the respect for their commitment. A sign listing the names of service personnel from Mentone who died in WWI was hung from the College Tower.

An ANZAC Story Competition was held in the weeks prior to the Assembly. Leading Seaman Prims, a past student, presented the writers with their Certificates of Achievement.

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