Andrea  -  Year 11

My name is Andrea Banaag and I am a Co-Vice College Captain of 2015. Being in this position is a whole lot more than just a title or a badge. There is planning for upcoming events and issues, assemblies to be run and of course, representing Kilbreda College in a way that models the values upheld by this school.

The innovative, organisational and leadership skills of adolescent girls should not be under-estimated and Kilbreda College recognises that. There are numerous opportunities for leadership in Year 12, be it in sport, the arts, science or justice and democracy, just to name a few.

As well as this, those Year 12s who may not have an official leadership position are invited to step up and run events of their own. For example, each Year 12 homeroom is involved in a program called KLASP where for a period of six weeks, the class organises activities that promote a more active lifestyle or more bonding within different year levels.

Being the Co-Vice College Captain, I am also involved with the School Representative Committee (SRC) which meets to discuss a range of issues relating to the environment and occupational health and safety of the college.

Kilbreda College has one of the most interesting and fascinating histories of all schools. One of the staff, Mr. Smith, is linked to a great number of previous students and has followed the timeline so closely he can recite it fluently without notes. With him, we have delved into the archives of images of pupils and the buildings taken more than eighty years ago, secretly grateful that our uniform has adapted to the changes of modern society. However, the values and principles of the 1930s are still held strongly to this day.

Every year, Kilbreda College invites the top achievers of the previous year (based on ATAR scores) to an assembly where their achievements are recognised. The Dux gives a speech with advice and tips for the current Year 12s. This year, these past students motivated us all to work harder in order to become as successful as they were.

At the end of each year, the Year 12s have the opportunity to fly to Timor Leste and work in Remixiu Parish. Kilbreda is closely linked with Remixiu and raises funds to help build educational facilities in the parish. The visiting Kilbreda girls make friends with the locals, play with the children (who do not need technology to be cheerful!) and provide any necessary services. Those who went last year did not just come back with an invaluable adventure to share, they returned with a more humble outlook on life and felt indebted to Kilbreda for the experience. Sometimes, taking our living conditions for granted, we forget how lucky we are.

I am now nearing the end of my thirteen years of schooling. Graduating from Kilbreda College will be an achievement and honour that I will cherish always.


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