Kilbreda College a Kildare Education Ministries School in the Brigidine Tradition

Shivaun  -  Year 10

Kilbreda College provided me with a wide range of activities in Year 10. There was the Big Science Competition, SCSA and SESG Tennis, the Brain Bee Neuroscience Challenge, the Monash Scholars program, Morrisby testing to help us in our career choices, and of course, work experience.

The Brain Bee was an incredible experience. Four girls from Year 10 travelled to Melbourne University to compete in a neuroscience competition and to be given a full tour of the anatomy museum. To say it was enjoyable would be an understatement.

For the Monash Scholars program, teachers are invited to nominate four high-achieving students from their school to spend a day at Monash University. I was one of the ones lucky enough to be chosen. We attended a number of workshops such as Getting Ready for VCE, and How to Balance a Part-time Job and School. These workshops not only introduced me to new people, they also showed me how to balance my studies and social life.

Both the Morrisby testing and work experience were extremely helpful, giving me a much better idea of what career options are out there for me, and what areas of study and work would suit me best.

The environment at Kilbreda is amazing; the teachers are passionate and the students are friendly. There have been so many opportunities for me to try new things, meet new people and learn about options for my future.


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