Isabelle  -  Year 9

I’ve been told all my life that I have to do my best. To me that is fantastic advice and I have been taking it on all through my secondary school experience. A part of doing your best is exceeding the given work and being confident enough to go that one step further. For me, that meant being part of anything that I could and enjoying the experience.

Ever since I stepped foot into Kilbreda College I have been given opportunities galore, from the performing arts, public speaking, sport, art, maths, science and pretty much everything in between. In Year 7 I was a part of the junior performance of Peter Pan. I know this sounds clichéd but Peter Pan was one of the best experiences of my entire life. I will never forget the fun we had. Because of Peter Pan I feel as if I settled into high school life super easily.

I was also part of two school operas and I was lucky enough to secure lead roles in both. Before these opportunities, I would never have thought that I could sing opera, let alone perform it.

I am a very academic student and I love my maths and science. Three years in a row I was a part of the Big Science Competition and the UNSW International Competitions and Assessments for Schools which was a maths competition.

I also love to read and write, and the school has given me incredible opportunities to show off what skill I have in English. I have written short stories for competitions and I was one of the writers for a blog that the school entered into a competition. As for reading, I love everything from modern sci-fi to classic literature. I joined the challenge called 16B416 which is a challenge to read 16 classic books by the time we are 16 years old. It gave me a huge appreciation of classic literature that I may never have had otherwise.

I love computers and I was my class’s ‘Tech Angel’. As a Tech Angel I learnt not just about computers but other pieces of technology in the classroom such as docking stations and projectors, and how to fix them.

Something else that I am passionate about is equality for everyone around the world, no matter who they are, so I joined the Justice and Democracy group. I fundraised, raised awareness and simply learnt so much about what is happening in today’s world.

I thank the school so much for giving me all these amazing experiences and opportunities. They have opened my eyes, given me confidence, a sense of responsibility and friendship.


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