Charlotte  -  Year 9

In Year 9 at Kilbreda you are exposed to a whole range of new and exciting opportunities. At the start of the year I was really excited because we were to choose our six electives. There are over 20 elective subjects, from science to sport to art to food technology. Here are some that you can choose from:

Out And About

This is a sport subject that includes theory and practical work, and is designed to teach you about fitness. We did stand-up paddle boarding and bike riding, and we attended classes at the local gym.


(one of my favourites) I really enjoyed this one because we explored different art techniques. As part of this subject we did a painting that represented ourselves and constructed a ceramic sculpture.

Food Tech

This subject involves both practical and theory components. In theory you learn about healthy eating and safe food preparation. In practical classes, you get to make a variety of different dishes. Yum!

Creative Textiles

This is where you learn different embellishment techniques like tie-dying, embroidery and beading. We made a friendship pillow and a really cute teddy bear.

The Shape of Things to Come

In this subject you learn how things are structured in both the built and natural environments and how maths and science are connected to them. For example you will study crystals, earthquakes, buildings and much more!

There are many ways of being involved at Kilbreda. I joined the Justice and Democracy group, where we did a lot of fundraising for Caritas Australia and St Vincent de Paul, and learnt about social justice issues. Kilbreda encourages you to enter competitions inside and outside the school, such as the ICAS Maths Competition, the Big Science Competition and the Paper Cuts Book Trailer Competition (where I won second prize). I also went to Deakin University in Geelong to listen to Jane Goodall, the international environmentalist who talked about her involvement with the apes in Africa and her dream to stop deforestation which destroys the apes’ habitat.


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