Grace and Nadia  -  Year 7

On our first day at Kilbreda we were really hoping to be put with our friends from our old schools. It was tempting to run and hide under a table but everyone was going through the same thing. Even though we weren’t put with all of our friends, we met heaps of people and they all turned out to be brilliant. Friends are really important as you go through high school because they’re always there to lend you a hand through thick and thin and will stand by your side no matter what.

Year 7 was very exciting for us. We tried new things and learnt so much. Here are some of the highlights of our first year at high school:

The school swimming carnival was in Term 1. All year levels competed to win points for their houses.

In Term 2 we had the Big Sister/Little Sister dinner. In the Big Sister/Little Sister program, each Year 7 student is paired up with a Year 10 student who then looks out for her ‘little sister’ as she settles into Year 7.

In Term 3 we went on an excursion to the Melbourne Zoo. It was a lot of fun. We had a great time looking at all the animals and we even got to touch a green tree frog and a snake!

There are extra programs which you can do, such as Band. You can choose trumpet, flute, saxophone, drums and lots more. We play at school assemblies and information evenings, as well as at community events and we give lunch time performances in the atrium.

Our first year at Kilbreda was a great one. We made new friends and we really enjoyed it.

Grace and Nadia

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