Joanne Kanigowski  -  Assistant Principal

At Kilbreda all staff members play a significant role in the pastoral care of students. The Homeroom is at the heart of the College’s pastoral structure and is a place where students are known and cared for. This increases students’ sense of connectedness to school which promotes engagement with their learning program.

In 2013, Kilbreda was the only Victorian school to achieve MindMatters recognition, endorsing its position as a national leader in the provision of pastoral care. One of nine school recognised nationally, the award applauded the focussed and strategic approach adopted by the College to improve student mental health and learning outcomes, acknowledging that the holistic development of all its students is the priority.

From the MindMatters website

MindMatters is a resource and professional development initiative supporting Australian secondary schools in promoting and protecting the mental health, and social and emotional wellbeing of all the members of school communities.

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