2019 Years 7 to 11 Awards


At our College Assembly on Tuesday 3 December the following awards were presented. We congratulate all award recipients on their outstanding achievements:

Shane Cormick was a past staff member of Kilbreda College. Shane passed away in June 2010, after a 12 month battle with lung cancer. Shane had a long association with the College demonstrating various leadership roles, during his time here. Shane was a caring and kind gentleman who always thought of others and was respected by all. Shane was a person who was always prepared to see the positive in any situation and create opportunities of hopefulness and happy outcomes for all. Shane was passionate about the things he loved and believed in and encouraged others around him to believe the same.

The Shane Cormick Memorial Award recognises a Year 7 student(s) who:
• Shows empathy for others
• Demonstrates Strength and Kindliness
• Maintains a strong sense of justice
• Is gentle and compassionate to others
• Demonstrates initiative and perseverance

Awarded to: Chloe Winduss

Bridie Kean is a past student of Kilbreda. When she was two years old she suffered meningococcal disease and half of each foot was amputated. Bridie did not let this affect the rest of her life. In fact, she even became a bronze medalist at the 2008 Beijing Olympics in wheelchair basketball. Bridie chooses to focus on what she has rather than what she doesn’t have. She appreciates what others have done for her and so tries to give to others in return. Bridie strives to accomplish her goals no matter what life throws at her. She believes that overcoming your adversities and challenges is what really matters in life and she does this with pride.

The Bridie Kean Award recognises a Year 8 student who:
• Looks for the positives in all situations
• Is brave enough to not follow the norm
• Sets goals and strives to achieve them no matter what
• Shows compassion and generosity to all
• Is able to work to overcome the challenges that life throws at you

Awarded to: Jemima Hollingworth

Emma Kelly attended Kilbreda College from 1996 to 1999. Emma was a typical student who loved to have fun with friends. Emma epitomised the word ‘Courage’. She lived her short life to the full and participated in all that she could. She shared her life and fun with many people. She loved life and she lived it well.

The Emma Kelly Award recognises a Year 9 student, who, like Emma, is a person who shows great courage and makes the most of every opportunity.

Awarded to: Natasha Wain

Sr Denise Allen csb was a past student and teacher of Kilbreda College who epitomised the motto of Strength and Kindliness. She travelled to Mexico with the Brigidine Sisters where she taught and gave hope to the poor and marginalised. Sr Denise was a calm, wise woman with a wonderful sense of humour. Her journey and life of service is an inspiration to all who aspire to teach and learn.
The Sr Denise Allen csb Award is given to a student who, like Sr Denise:
• Shows Strength and Kindliness
• Welcomes all with affirmation and personal interest
• Shows care to others in the community and does this all with a sense of humour and a big smile!

Awarded to: Sophia Bryant

Susan Duke (née Morgan) attended Kilbreda College from 1990 to 1995. Susan went on to become an air traffic controller. In that position, she proved herself to be capable of working under extreme pressure, taking responsibility and caring for others.

The Susan Claire Duke Award recognises a Year 11 student, who, like Susan, is a person with a strong sense of self. She is intelligent, self-directed, makes the most of opportunities and willingly engages with life.

Awarded to: Annabel Gorman

The Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program is an academic enrichment program designed to support high-achieving Year 10 students within Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.

To be eligible to apply students need to be in the top 5% of their year level and have demonstrated evidence of leadership, active citizenship and community involvement.

Awarded to: Skye Zhu-Maguire

This award, made by the Australian Defence Force, recognises students who demonstrate leadership and teamwork within both the school and the broader local community.

Awarded to: Amelia Carter-Watson

This award is presented by Mark Dreyfus QC MP, Federal Member of Isaacs, as a means of rewarding a student who is a leader, not in an academic sense, but who leads through example and encourages others to contribute not only to their school community but to the wider community.

Awarded to: Aine Moroney

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